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Reformer Pilates

Redefine your form

Reformer Pilates is a low-impact yet calorie-burning workout suitable for students of all levels who are looking to improve core stability and posture.

Consisting of a full-body functional exercises practised on a Reformer machine, the focus is on strengthening the muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. Emphasis is placed on core exercises, precision in movement, and breath control. The Reformer machine assists with maintaining proper form and provides different levels of resistance, helping to improve strength, toning, and overall conditioning.

We have different Reformer Pilates packages on offer, specifically designed for non-PURE Cardholders. Simply purchase online and embark on your Reformer Pilates journey with us!

Terms & Conditions apply

Mind-Body Recharge Package

Mind-Body Recharge Package:
5 Reformer Pilates Classes (PURE Yoga) + 1-Month All-Access Pass
40% off, only HK$2,998 (Valued at HK$5,200)

Immerse yourself in a revitalising journey of 5 PURE Yoga Reformer Pilates classes plus a 1-Month Pass that provides unlimited access to all 22 PURE locations including fitness and yoga classes, state-of-the-art gym facilities and steam and sauna amenities.

Enjoy 40% off for this package at just HK$2,998 (Valued at HK$5,200) and unleash the full potential of your body and start an envigorating journey towards strength, flexibility, and rejuvenation.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Trial Special

Trial Special: 5 PURE Yoga Reformer Pilates Class Package for HK$2,400

Try out PURE’s Reformer Pilates classes at PURE Yoga to tone your body.

.Attending at least one Reformer Pilates Foundation class is required before attending other Reformer Pilates classes.
.Available at any PURE Yoga location offering Reformer Pilates classes.
.Valid for various Reformer Pilates group classes.
.Package is valid for 5 weeks from date of purchase.


NEW: PURE Yoga Reformer Pilates Cardholder

Become an exclusive PURE Yoga Reformer Pilates Cardholder with PURE to enjoy Cardholder Reformer Pilates package pricing.

How to become a PURE Yoga Reformer Pilates Cardholder:
– 12 months at HK$500/month
– 6 months at HK$700/month

.Reformer Pilates Cardholders are required to visit any PURE location to purchase Reformer Pilates packages.
.Available at any PURE Yoga location offering Reformer Pilates classes.
.Reformer Pilates Cardholders do not have access to PURE Yoga group classes and PURE Fitness access, including the gym and fitness classes.

*Terms and Conditions apply