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Reformer Pilates

Redefine your form

Reformer Pilates is a low-impact yet calorie-burning workout suitable for students of all levels who are looking to improve core stability and posture.

Consisting of full-body functional exercises practised on a Reformer machine, the focus is on strengthening the muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. The emphasis is placed on core exercises, precision in movement, and breath control.

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Reformer Pilates Machine Invented by Joseph Pilates, the Reformer is a bed-like frame with a flat platform (carriage) that glides back and forth on runners. The Reformer assists individuals in achieving their Pilates goals by helping them master diaphragmatic breathing and core engagement, allowing them to focus on stabilising their bodies for coordinated and controlled movements.

Reformer Springs The springs on the Reformer allow you to adjust the resistance of the carriage, which is pushed and pulled along the frame using your body’s strength. The springs determine the level and intensity of your workout. Generally, lighter springs are more focused on stability, while heavier springs are more focused on working strength and power.

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