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Turn Life on in Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga

What is inside PURE Fitness and PURE Yoga?

Whether you are looking to TURN LIFE ON at PURE Fitness, PURE Yoga or a combination of both, we have an assortment of passes across all our locations to suit your every need.

Find Group Exercise exhilaration, innovative programmes and ProTraining to fulfil your fitness aspirations. From toning and bulking to amping up your cardio – PURE Fitness will get you there!

Sculpt. Strengthen. Stretch. De-stress. PURE Yoga classes cover the diversity of benefits that anybody and every body will experience from yoga practice.

Beyond perennial favourites like TRX and Les Mills’ programmes, PURE Fitness embraces group fitness with classes inspired by dance, HIIT, barre and cycling that speak to all the ways you want to move.

Gentle or powerful, soothing or invigorating, traditional to contemporary – PURE Yoga has it covered! Different goals for different folks means there is no perfect practice – just a perfect practice personal to you!